This is our large take out list but not limited to...

House Salad w/ Spring Mix and tomatoes & choice of dressing 35

Chicken Banana Salad 45

Mediterranean Salad w/ chicken 50

Hot Crawfish Salad 55

Chicken Jambalaya Pasta 80 (1/2 order 45)

Chicken Alfredo 80 (1/2 order 45)

Chicken Pasta (Garlic, Marinara Cream Sauce) 70 (1/2 order 40)

Crawfish Etouffee (comes with rice) 99 (1/2 order 50)

Mediterranean Chicken Pasta 110 (1/2 order 65)

Pot of Red Beans & Rice    1/2 Pot 45   Full Pot (3 gallons) 70

Pot of Red Bumbo (1/2 red beans 1/2 gumbo) or Chicken & Andouille Gumbo

1/2 Pot 55   Full Pot (3 gallons) 80

Pot of Corn & Crawfish Bisque   1/2 Pot 70   Full Pot 105

Gallon of Sweet or Unsweet tea 5

Tray of 25 rolls 7

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding with Captain Morgan Rum Sauce 70




Michael Alan's




The biggest concern for offsite catering is the cost. This can run between $15 - $30 a head per person in your event. This price is determined by several factors; type of food and quantity, how much setup and cleanup is needed, how many employees are needed, and how much equipment or additional rental gear is needed. We try to be as flexible as possible with your needs and budget. We can also provide more then just Louisiana cuisine if you need us to. 

One thing we get asked a lot is how many people will this feed? This is a very difficult question because all events are different. How many food options you have, if it is a drinking event (beer or alcohol), time of day or year (if it is really hot out maybe people don't eat as much) or if you have the football team at your event all contribute to how much food can vary in portions. Our advice is if you are worried about portion control then you should have volunteers serving the food so each guest can get the same portion sizes. 

Below is a list of our large pickup order catering options. These consist of large or 1/2 size foil hotel pans of salads, pasta or etouffee. We have large soup pots you can use for your party and just need them returned. We do deliver our bulk catering menu locally for $25 and a minimum $200 order.